A Textbook of Machine Design BY R. S. Khurmi , J.K. Gupta

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Engineering design is the process of studying requirements, and coming up with a plan to produce a system or device that will provide a solution to the requirement or problem. The person who designs the solution has to go through the various stages of the design process to arrive at an optimal solution.
The first phase is to recognize a problem, or a situation that can be improved. The second phase involves defining the problem, that is listing the data that needs to be processed, all the constraints within which the solution should operate, like business practice, statutory requirements etc. Then, defining the kind of solution required.
Then comes the actual design process which goes through stages of conceptual design, when different plans can be created, feasibility study to determine the relevance, validity, and economic feasibility of the proposed solutions. Then comes preliminary design of the selected solution, then presentation design, planning for manufacture, planning for distribution, planning for use, and finally, planning for retirement of the product.
This book studies these aspects with relevance to machines. It begins with an introduction to the machine design process, then examines engineering materials and their properties.
The book then discusses manufacturing considerations in machine design, simple stresses in machine parts, torional and bending stresses in machine parts, and variable stresses in machine parts.
Then the book goes on to discuss pressure joints, pipes and pipe joints, riveted joints, welded joints, screwed joints, cotter and knuckle joints, keys and coupling, shafts, levers, columns and struts, and power screws.
It then looks at flat belt drives, flat belt pulleys, V-belt and rope drives, chain drives, flywheel, springs, clutches, brakes, sliding contact bearings and rolling contact bearings, spur gears, helical gears, bevel gears, worm gears, and internal combustion engine parts.
This multicolored edition includes appropriate illustrations and pictures to further elucidate the theory. It also includes sufficient number of solved and unsolved problems for clarification and practice.

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A Textbook of Machine Design BY R. S. Khurmi , J.K. Gupta

৳ 400.00

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