Air Pollution BY H.V.N. Rao

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Comprehensive book presenting the fundamentals of air pollution. The coverage includes the important principles and practices of pollution sampling, analysis and control. The types, sources and effects of air pollution on human health animals, plants and materials are also dealt with in great detail. Also discussed is the part played by meteorological factors in dispersion of atmospheric effluents. Miscellaneous topics like acid rain, greenhouse effect, indoor air pollution and occupational diseases, such as silicosis and asbestosis, have also been covered.An attempt has been made to make the book Indian-oriented. Included are the Pollution Control Acts of India, air pollution problems in Indian cities, Indian Standards pertaining to air quality, and specific case studies of effects of air pollution in India such as the effect of the Taj Mahal.

Table of contents

  • Chapter 1 Introduction
  • Chapter 2 Sources and Classification of Air Pollutants
  • Chapter 3 Meteorology and Air Pollution
  • Chapter 4 Industrial Plant Location and City Planning
  • Chapter 5 Effects of Air Pollution on Human Health
  • Chapter 6 Effects of Air Pollution on Animals
  • Chapter 7 Effects of Air Pollution on Plants
  • Chapter 8 Economic Effects of Air Pollution
  • Chapter 9 Sampling Procedures
  • Chapter 10 Analytical Methods
  • Chapter 11 Air Pollution Due to Automobiles
  • Chapter 12 Photochemical Air Pollution
  • Chapter 13 Control of Air Pollution by Equipment
  • Chapter 14 Smoke and its Control
  • Chapter 15 Control of Gaseous Contaminants
  • Chapter 16 Odours and Their Control
  • Chapter 17 Control of Air Pollution by Process Changes
  • Chapter 18 Air Pollution from Major Industrial Operations
  • Chapter 19 Air Quality and Emission Standards
  • Chapter 20 Air Pollution Indices
  • Chapter 21 Air Pollution Survey
  • Chapter 22 Air Pollution Legislation and Regulations
  • Chapter 23 Air Pollution in Indian Cities
  • Chapter 24 Miscellaneous Current Topics
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Air Pollution BY H.V.N. Rao

৳ 300.00

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