New Enjoying Grammar – Book – 1

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Grammar: Each book in the series tries to cover grammar concepts to the extent that is necessary for the level or the age of the learner it addresses. Concepts are treated in graded fashion within and across books.

1. Name of Things (Nouns)
2. Names of Birds and Animals (Nouns)
3. Names of People and Places (Nouns)
4. Special Names (Proper Nouns)
5. One and More than One (Singular and Plural Words)
6. A Boy and a Girl (Gender)
7. I/You/He/She/It/We/They (Pronouns)
8. A/An (Articles)
9. Doing Words (Verbs)
10. Describing Words (Adjectives)
11. Am / Is / Are (to be verbs)
12. There is / There are
13. This / That / These / Those
14. Has / Have (have verbs)
15. Capital Letters
16. Questions
17. Capital Letters / Full Stops / Question Marks
18. Things we do every day (The simple present tense)
19. What I am doing now (The present continuous tense)
20. What I did yesterday (The simple past tense)
21. In / On / Under / Between (Prepositions of place)
22. In / On / At (Prepositions of time)
23. And (Conjunction)

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New Enjoying Grammar - Book – 1

৳ 280.00

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