The Quran’s Language- A New Approach- A4 Size (Black & White)

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This textbook is the product of over two decades of teaching students the ancient language of the Quran, but doing so in English. It was inspired by the unconventional yet effective the way learned the Arabic of the Quran and was able to organize a curriculum and teaching method that showed unprecedented results by the grace of the Almighty. My students went on to become teachers themselves and they also made several enhancements and improvements to the curriculum. I believe in this approach because I have seen first hand what it has done for thousands of students. It is, in my humble opinion, one of the most systematic and successful curricula for the teaching of the Qurans language and based on what I’ve seen it accomplish, I and my team, hope to inspire students to be part of a worldwide effort of shortening the gap between the Ummah and the direct access to their book in Allah’s original words. Our vision is to provide this resource as a solid foundation for students, teachers and potential teachers and it is our hope that with this globally growing community we can create versions of this work adapted to languages from around the world so even people who don’t have access to English can benefit from this work. My prayers are with you, the student or the teacher, who make an effort to learn and teach Allah’s words and I hope every step you take in this path brings you many steps closer to guidance.

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The Quran's Language- A New Approach- A4 Size (Black & White)

৳ 500.00

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